from 1838 to now ...


Over 40 family and friends gathered for the 15th Pitman Reunion held at Manningham, South Australia on Sunday 6 November 2016. It was delightful to have new as well as regular attendees.


As in previous years, we had time to meet and chat, eat a sumptuous lunch brought and shared by the attendees, catch up on items of interest, and take some photos for the family album. A great display of memorabilia was on show, thanks to both the Reunion committee and attendees.


Our guest speaker, Sandy Wilkinson, spoke about his recent restoration of his Osmond Terrace, Norwood home which was built by Thomas Pitman (W9) for his family in 1880. Sandy generated a great deal of interest and generously spent much time after his presentation discussing the before and after photographs and the restoration work with attendees. Sandy had communicated with the Pitman Reunion Committee to help ensure the restoration was faithful to the original design. Sandy appreciated being given a copy of the 1990 book to have in his house.


A number of family members made favourable comments about the renewed web site and thanked the committee for their continued work.

The Osmond Terrace home of Thomas and Mary Pitman

This photo, from the collection of Haidee Pitman, was provided to Sandy Wilkinson to guide his recent renovation of the home.